Report on Environmental History Conference, Elabuga Institute, Kazan’ Federal University, Russia, November, 2014

By Andrei Vinogradov, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Dept of History, Elabuga Institute, Kazan’ Federal University, Russia. Translated by David Moon. Originally published in Russian Environmental History Network.

From 13 to 15 November 2014, the Elabuga Institute of Kazan’ Federal University (KFU) hosted an international conference entitled: “Environmental History in Russia: Stages of Development and Promising Research Directions.” Environmental history, which is a fairly new direction in Russian historiography, analyzes the interrelationship between humans and nature over the preceding historical periods. The conference was organized by KFU with support from the European Society for Environmental History. As a result of the growing interest in academic circles in the theme of the conference, it attracted a wide range of specialists from France, Germany, Great Britain, Ukraine and the USA as well as a number of Russian cities: Moscow, St Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Surgut and others. The keynote speakers were David Moon, a professor of history at the University of York in Great Britain and the leader of an international network on Russian environmental history, and Stephen Brain, a professor in the History Dept at Mississippi State University in the USA.


Визит в Елабугу

Перевод заметки Дэвида Муна, профессора Йоркского университета (Великобритания) об участии в конференции «Экологическая история в России: этапы становления и перспективные направления исследований» в г. Елабуга, 13-15 ноября 2014 г. Оригинал опубликован в блоге ‘Exploring Russia’s history and natural resources’.