Environmental history, the discipline that studies the interaction between man and the environment in different historical epochs, originated in the mid-twentieth century in Europe and America. By today, European and American researchers have accumulated rich historiography, methodology of environmental history has been formed, and a number of research organizations engaged in full support of historical and environmental research have been founded. However, the development of environmental history in Russia is connected with a number of objective factors, among which are the vast area of the state, which requires a special approach to the study of the various regions and the lack of institutional support of the discipline in domestic science. Developing communication between Russian historical and environmental schools and establishing contacts with foreign researchers are necessary prerequisites for the effective development of environmental history In the Russian regions. In this regard, our portal aims to analyze the development of historical and ecological approach in Russian historiography in recent decades, its current state and prospects.

This website is devoted to the environmental history in Russia and about Russia. The site is bilingual, but oriented mostly on Russian public. All English materials is collected in the relevant category. Besides, you may find English-language books and articles on Russia’s environmental history on the page «Зарубежная историография» («Foreign Historiography»).

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